Achieve an imposing presence, image and notoriety trough a variety of image options AeroExpo offers that will encourage broadcasting for your company, products and services.

Shared Sponsorships - Bags

$2,200.00 USD

your logo appear on AeroExpo service to visitors exhibitors 3 days sponsorship shared by maximum of three companies that not direct competition 15,000 be distributed this benefit will place sponsors during providing brand presence inside and outside the event at a low investment cost *the bags are produced in “non-woven” material size 40x30x18cm

Sponsorship - Lanyards

$7,000.00 USD

Your logo exclusively will be displayed on all AeroExpo lace badges to be distributed to visitors and exhibitors, which will make your brand permanently visible inside and outside the event. You will be the only exclusive company to have the benefit of show your brand in more than 15,000 badgets, which will be circulating around the trade show during the 3 days. This benefit will position your brand, offering to your company great business opportunities in the mexican market by showing the brand all over the event.


$24,000.00 USD

Limited to 4 sponsors

  • Banner at the hall entrance where the Luncheon “Encuentro Aeronautico” & Francisco Sarabia award ceremony will be held.
  • Banner with your company logo placed on the stage.
  • A special mention of the sponsor at the beginning and at the end of the event.
  • Sponsor logo on the invitation to theLuncheon “Encuentro Aeronautico”.
  • Sign showing your company as AeroExpo Luncheon “Encuentro Aeronautico” Sponsor.
  • Inclusion of your logo on the AeroExpo website.
  • Two banners on the exhibition (6 x 4 mts each).